When children read regularly they develop an understanding of the world and their brains are then infused with background knowledge. This acquired background knowledge is then used to make sense of what they see, hear, and read, and it aids their cognitive development.

The books listed below will strengthen imagination, courage and love. They tell a story of where courage and determination will get you and share the importance of love, family and friendship.

Esperanza Rising Best for Children Image 1

Esperanza Rising

Pam Muñoz Ryan

This award-winning story is an inspirational mix of hardship and hope. When Esperanza is forced to leave her home in Mexico, she learns how to create a new path forward and rise above the difficulties in her way.

Bridge to Terabithia Best for Children Image 2

Bridge to Terabithia

Katherine Paterson

This beloved story about friendship and loss is an important lesson on moving forward and finding strength through grief. Read the book and then watch the movie with your little ones.

Holes Best for Children Image 3


Louis Sachar

Sachar’s classic book, with its vibrant characters, has entertained children since its initial release in 1998. Holes is a wonderful redemption story filled with humour and heart. Its also been made in to a great film that children will love.