Take advantage of all Cayman has to offer by involving your child in water sports. The sea provides a playground and a learning space for your little ones to gain confidence and become aware of the natural environment that they are growing up in, whilst having fun and building physical endurance. Enjoying time safely in the sun and fresh air benefits the minds and bodies of both children and parents.

Remember to ensure your child is under adult supervision to help keep them safe in the water and sun at all times.

Read on for a list of water sports available on-Island, and where to find them.  


Kitesurfing is a popular sport in Grand Cayman. Whilst it can be intimidating to those who are not familiar with the sport, there has never been a better time for your child to learn as the latest equipment facilitates easy kite depowering and quick release systems which prioritize safety. Participating in kitesurfing will allow your child to manage risks and safety with confidence and skills built up over time. Whilst there is no advisable age for your child to learn how to kitesurf, there is a minimum weight of 30kgs (65lbs) to learn to fly a kite safely.

Where can I find kitesurfing opportunities for my child?

Kitesurf Cayman, located in Barkers National Park, offers lessons and camps for kids.

What age can they start?

Lessons are available for ages 12 and up, and camps available for kids as young as 10.


Lessons range from US$180-US$320 for 2 hours of private or semi-private instruction. Discount packages are available. There may be additional costs for equipment rental.

Camp offerings are advertised in the summer. Check the Kitesurf Cayman Facebook page, or email info@kitesurfcayman.com for more information.

Waterskiing & Wakeboarding

Waterskiing and wakeboarding are popular hobbies among families with access to a boat, however having a boat is not completely necessary to learn and enjoy these sports in Cayman. With our fringing reefs and wind conditions often creating the perfect calm waters for waterskiing and wakeboarding, your child can benefit from the outdoor exercise, whilst improving hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and balance. If wakeboarding and waterskiing are too difficult, make sure to try kneeboarding as a beginner-friendly alternative to build up confidence.

Where can I find waterskiing and wakeboarding opportunities for my child?

Red Sail Sports have trained instructors to teach your child the basics of waterskiing and wakeboarding. They operate these lessons on Seven Mile Beach, and the lessons can include up to 6 people.

What age can they start?

The recommended age is 6+.


Red Sail Sports charge US$375 per hour (up to 6 people, and lesson included)

Child diving


Cayman is home to some of the best diving in the Caribbean. Inspire a love for the rare and unique aquatic life in Cayman, whilst raising an eco-conscious child who can observe first-hand the coral reefs in crisis on our doorstep. Diving instils confidence and respect in children, whilst also teaching them communication skills and the importance of looking out for others. There are many youth dive programmes on offer in Cayman which can range from a half-day, to week long activities. Once certified, kids can enjoy recreational dives with a certified adult.

Where can I find diving opportunities for my child?

Divetech offers multiple youth programmes for varying age groups. The activities are available as a half-day programe, or a Monday-Friday camp.

Junior Open Water dive certifications can also be earned at Divetech, Seahorse Diving School, Ambassador Divers, and others.

What age can they start?

5 to 7 Year Olds can participate in the SASY Programme which is designed for younger kids interested in snorkeling and diving.

8 to 10 Year Olds can participate in the Bubblemaker, Seal Team, or Master Seal Programmes which teaches kids diving basics in the sea pool, before advancing to 12ft shallow dives to explore their new skills.

10+ Year Olds can learn to scuba dive and earn their Junior Open Water certification. The course prepares them for recreational dives no deeper than 40-60ft.


Prices range from $150-$560 for kids dive programmes.


A beginner friendly and fun activity, stand up paddleboarding is the perfect activity for both young kids and teens to get outdoors and enjoy the ocean and sunshine. Combining core stability and a total body workout, stand up paddleboarding offers a valuable opportunity for your child to build confidence as they work towards standing up on their board. Children learn water safety, and a variety of other skills, including getting back up after they fall!

Where can I find paddleboarding opportunities for my child?

Salty Squad offers paddleboarding lessons and camps at Governor's Beach for children who are already confident swimmers.

What age can they start?

Salty Squad is open to all children between the ages of 5-12 years old.


Salty Squad camp ranges from $168-$315 depending on how many days your child attends. A 10% discount is offered for siblings.

For those who wish to rent a paddleboard for recreational use check out Paradise Paddle or George's Watersports.

Children sailing


Smooth sailing relies on communication skills, responsibility, and confidence. Sailing can ignite a sense of independence and adventure in children, as they refine their skillset and understand the technicalities of the sport. Sailing combines teachings in teamwork, engineering, history, patience, oceanography, and ecology all in one, and what better place to learn than the sheltered waters of Cayman?

Where can I find sailing opportunities for my child?

The Cayman Islands Sailing Club (CISC) offers after-school camps and holiday camps for children of a wide variety of ages and experience.

Red Sail Sports also rents out Hobie Wave sailboats to those who want to learn through trial and error, or have some experience. Children must be under adult supervision. Lessons available.

What age can they start?

CISC offers sailing camp and lessons to children from the age of 6+.


A membership to CISC ranges from $60-$175 annually depending on your child's age.

Rental of a Hobie Wave costs US$70 per hour, and US$80 per hour with a lesson.


Kayaking provides families and children with a glimpse into Caymans coastline, which is not always accessible from land. Exploring the mangrove ecosystems can be both educational and fun for all. Kayaking is a versatile activity with tour operators in Cayman offering nighttime bioluminescence experiences suitable for older kids, as well as morning tours for the early risers! Double kayaks are a great option for younger kids.

Where can I find kayaking opportunities for my child?

Kayaks and kayaking tours can be found at Cayman Kayaks They offer night tours of Bio Bay that depart from Rum Point Club at 7:30PM or the Morning Tour, which departs from Water Cay Public Beach at 9:30AM. Both tours last approximately 1.5-2hrs.

Other kayaking tours can be found at Paddle Wheel Adventures in The Grove, West Bay, who offer mangrove tours for 1.5-2 hrs. If you don't want a tour they also offer an instructor's help getting you situated and comfortable in the kayaks.

Other tour operators include Paradise Paddle who operate out of South Sound.

What age can they start?

The minimum age for Bio Bay tours with Cayman Kayaks is 6 years old. There are no specifications for younger children on the Morning Tour, so contact reservations@caymankayaks.com if you have questions about children under 6.

Paradise Paddle recommend their experiences for children ages 7 and older.


Tours are typically offered within the price range of $60-$70 per person, and have a minimum number of 2 people per tour.

Kayak rentals are typically priced at $35 for a half-day, to $350 for a week.

Other Water Sports

Waverunner Rides: Offered by Red Sail Sports. Children between the ages 5-15 must ride with an adult. Teens ages 16-17 may ride solo but are not permitted to take passengers. 30 minute rental period costs US$85, and 1 hour costs US$95.

Banana Boat Rides: Offered by Red Sail Sports, and suitable for children aged 5+, banana boat rides take place on Seven Mile Beach, and cost $15 for 15 minutes.

Helpful Tip

Ambassadors of the Environment at the Ritz-Carlton offers a wide variety of family-friendly waterbased activities for both kids and the whole family to participate in. Their educational programmes offer an insight into Cayman's natural ecosystems and also Cayman's vibrant culture. They offer reef exploration trips, snorkeling 101, and a varied selection of kayak tours, among other exciting activities.