1. Add a fun song to it!

Make up your own teeth-brushing song, or have your kids listen to a ‘Brush Your Teeth’ song! YouTube has great options: one of the best is Sesame Street’s ‘Brushy Brush’ song, which is great fun and features celebrities and kids brushing their teeth.

2. Model the behaviour you want to see.

Lead by example and let your toddlers see you brushing your teeth. More than likely, your child will want to imitate their parents’ behaviour.

3. Give praise for teeth brushing.

Create your own reward chart and add a star, tally or sticker every time your child brushes their teeth on schedule. Let them work towards a goal, e.g. one whole week of brushing morning and night gives your child more time to play outside on the weekend.

4. Tell them a story or a myth!

Just like the Tooth Fairy or Santa Claus, certain stories can motivate your kids to achieve their goals. You could tell them a story about their furry friends living in their teeth, and you need to brush to help them escape!