Taking care of your wellbeing can significantly improve your mood, outlook on life and self-love.

Here is a guide to how self-love can help you change you perspective on life, all you need to know about menopause and a comprehensive exploration of dreams.

Good Vibes Good Life

Good Vibes Good Life: How Self-Love Is the Key to Unlocking Your Greatness

Vex King

A book that truly inspires you to be you. King teaches readers to combat toxic energy, self-doubt and to ‘go with the flow’. Drawing on his own personal experiences, King shows us that the world around you starts to change when you change your perspective on life.


Menopause: All You Need to Know in One Concise Manual

Louise Newson

A straightforward look at the menopause written by a well-known specialist in the field. It details stages, symptoms and treatments. Migraines, depression, anxiety, osteoporosis, low libido, relationships, diet and HRT are just some of the areas covered in this concise manual.

When brains dream

When Brains Dream: Exploring the Science and Mystery of Sleep

Antonio Zadra and Bob Stickgold

A comprehensive, eyeopening exploration of what dreams are, where they come from, what they mean, and why we have them. Written by two world-renowned sleep and dream researchers, it debunks common sleep myths and reveals the mysteries of dreams.