Money management and kindness are essential in everyday life.

These recommended books offers advice to parents on how to teach their child to be kind, how to manage your money and how to raise a happy family despite changing environments.

3 How to Talk to Your Kids About Divorce

How to Talk to your Kids About Divorce

Dr. Samantha Rodman

Raise a happy, thriving family despite changing environments with the help of Dr. Rodman’s knowledgeable solutions for working through the uncertainty of divorce.

Your money

Your Money or Your Life

Vicki Robin and Joseph R. Dominguez

With over a million copies sold worldwide, Robin’s 9-step, easy-to-follow plan has been dubbed the seminal guide to money management.

1 How to Raise Kind Kids

How to Raise Kind Kids

Thomas Lickona

Can you teach your child to be kind? Dr. Lickona effectively answers this question with a treasure trove of traditional wisdom that is backed by modern science.