Take the stress out of party planning with Cayman Parents Perfect Party Checklist!

We break down all the steps you need to take before the big day to guarantee a fun and memorable celebration for all.

1. Choose a Venue

Cayman is a treasure trove of kid-friendly party venues. Pedro's Castle offers a variety of child-friendly attractions, including a multi-sensory movie theatre and lots of green space. The Turtle Centre is another popular option, offering an interactive scavenger hunt for kids!

Of course, you can always host the party at home, at a park or on the beach. But bear in mind that while they are cheaper options, they usually require more work! Public parks have cabanas that can be reserved, free of charge, for parties and events by booking online. See this link for registering and booking a cabana at one of Cayman's public parks.

If you decide to host a party at your home or condo pool, hiring a life-guard from one of the swimming schools is a good idea. That way you can ensure everyone's safety while you are rushing around.

2. Decide on a Time

Younger kids tend to do better in the mornings, whereas school-age children prefer afternoon parties and it gives you some extra party prepping time. If you're hosting a party outside, then be mindful of the heat (and rainy season!) and ensure you have plenty of water on hand.

Waterslide 2

3. Send out Invitations

We suggest sending out invites 3-5 weeks before the event. You can buy themed invitations at any of Cayman's party shops and some even offer customisation options. Don't feel pressured into inviting the whole class if it's not financially possible or you do not wish to host a large party. You could just invite the girls/boys. Be upfront on invitations about whether siblings of children invited can attend. An eco-friendly alternative to physical invites is a digital invitation, such as those on Paperless Post or Evite. These platforms can also be used for sending out your thank you notes post party.

4. Food & Drink

Party venues will usually provide food as part of their party package, but if you are hosting at home you will need to organise the food and drinks. Try one of Cayman's caterers or the supermarkets, who can prepare party platters of fresh sandwiches, snacks and fruit, as well as incredible cakes to match your theme.

Of course, you can also create a great spread yourself! Keep it simple so that you can fully enjoy the day! Pizzas or burgers on the BBQ are always appreciated, and bowls of chips and fruit skewers are a great compliment.


Be sure to check beforehand whether any children attending the party have food allergies and have an alternative on hand for that child to eat.

5. Photographs

Hire a professional photographer for your child's special day, so they can capture all the memories you'll be busy making! Cayman is lucky to have a selection of first-rate photographers who can offer their services for a few hours at a time.

If you're on a budget, why not ask one of your friends to help out? They can help capture busy moments like cake-cutting and blowing out candles. You can return the favour at one of their events!

6. Party Entertainment & Games

Face painters, magicians, balloon twisters, princesses, superheros and other entertainers will all elevate your child's party, but make sure to book them well in advance. You could also hire a bouncy castle, water slide and giant garden games such as Connect Four, Jenga and Twister. Contact Cayman's party stores for more information. Other popular options include slumber parties, laser tag parties, football parties and fun trucks

Don't forget about classic DIY entertainment! Games such as musical statues, sleeping lions and pass the parcel are suitable from about the age of four and offer lots of fun for little to no cost.


7. Theme & Decorations

Cayman's party shops stock a wide variety of decorations. Popular themes include: Pirate (perfect for Cayman!), Superhero, Disney, Mad Scientist, Animals/ Jungle, Circus, Sports the choices are endless. They also offer equipment rentals such as tables and chairs. You can also make a statement with eco-friendly decorations that are great for the party and the planet! Create paper chains, use reusable plates and cups and if you do end up buying decorations, try to choose ones that will work for years to come! If you host your party at a park or beach, nature's backdrop is the best decoration of all!

8. Party Favours

These serve as a fun way for the birthday child to thank their guests for attending their party. Gifts can range from pencils and stickers to mini colouring books. We recommend trying to limit plastic if you can. Savoury and sweet treats also make great gifts. Purchase some reusable mason jars and fill them with a pick and mix selection of goodies. If you love to bake, you can also gift some baked goods. The kids (and parents!) will thank you!

Party Decs cropped

9. Thank You Notes

Send out 'thank you' notes to show your gratitude for the children who attended the party and for presents received. Be sure to keep a gift log as you open presents so you remember who to thank for what.

Birthday Presents

When it comes to attending someone else's party, Cayman has plenty of options for finding the perfect gift! Next Chapter, Book Nook and Atlantic Kids stock a variety of books, puzzles and toys for all ages. om boxes about space, gardening, dinosaurs and more!