As a parent with a child who has, or you suspect has, special education needs, it is often difficult to know the best options available in the Cayman Islands to make sure that your child gets as much help and guidance as possible with the resources available.

Your childs first five years of life are an incredibly important time for learning and brain development - many psychologists say it is THE most important time - in those early years your child is developing socially, physically, mentally and emotionally. They are literally sponges, and so getting your child involved with an early intervention programme or two will not only help them to thrive academically, but also allow them to develop positive peer relationships and friendships.

The following clinics provide a range of Paediatric Therapy Services which can help with a range of special education for all ages including Autism, ADHD, behavioural problems, dyslexia, dyspraxia, sensory processing disorders, speech delays as well as other occupational health issues.

Mental healthcare services for children are also provided.

ABA Therapy

Educational Assessments

Mental Healthcare Services

Occupational, Speech & Language Therapy

Additional Support Services